Rapunzel Doll Cake

I have three little princesses of my own and I am gearing up for my 3 year olds birthday.  She is requesting a Cinderella cake this year.  I will be making this cake in a couple of weeks, so I thought I would look back at the cake I made last year and start pulling my ideas together.   Hope you will come back and see Cinderella soon!

My oldest daughter was totally intrigued with the movie Tangled and the Princess Rapunzel (and still is, almost a year later).  I decided to make her a Rapunzel doll cake for her 4th birthday.  I bought the Wilton Classic Wonder Mold and knew that I would be making at least three doll cakes for each of my daughters some day.  Instead of buying one of the Wilton doll picks.  I decided to take a stab at using an actual Disney Princess Rapunzel doll (about the same height as Barbie)…because how else could I recreate Rapunzel’s long hair?

Another bonus…my daughter could play with her doll after her party.  I removed the dress that the doll came with and tried to recreate the top of the dress using some cheap material I found at the dollar store and some ribbon.  It took a little work stitching this together, but it worked and people didn’t even realize what I had done!

I made the cake using the Classic Wonder Mold and also made a 9″ inch round and a few cupcakes.  I added a filling layer by adding some whip cream and fresh strawberries in between these two layers to make it even more yummy.  This also strategically added enough height for the dress to cover the legs of the doll.  I wrapped the doll in plastic wrap from the waist down, the part that would be inserted into the cake.   I also wrapped Rapunzel’s hair with plastic wrap to ensure that it wouldn’t get messy when icing the cake.   Using a long knife, I cut a narrow cylinder shape out of the center of the cake to insert the doll (enough width to hold the doll tightly and upright).  I tinted my icing in two shades of lavender, trying to match it as close as I could to the top of her dress.  In between the two shades of icing, I used lavender M&Ms.

A birthday cake needs candles!  This is why I decorated 4 matching cupcakes to hold 4 candles for my birthday girl to blow out.

Here was my first princess cake!


8 responses

  1. Great idea of using a real doll so she can play with it afterwards!

  2. Thanks for the informative article, it was a good read and I hope its ok that I share this with some facebook friends. Thanks.

  3. Oh my gosh! The doll cakes are baaaaack! That is from long ago. Very cute!

  4. Kentuckylady717 | Reply

    These are beautiful doll cakes you made and decorated………..

    1. thank you for such a nice comment!

  5. I have a couple if questions. I’m making this cake in 2 weeks. (Also rapunzel) did u use cake mix? If so how many? Did you use dowels to put the two cakes/layers together or just the filling. Could you use a 10 inch and make it like a pedestal?
    Thanks amber

    1. I used one Better Crocker boxed cake mix for filling the wonder mold pan. Then made another box mix for one 9″ round pan and the remaining batter, I used for a few cupcakes. I never found it necessary to use dowels for the doll cakes. The filling holds the wonder mold cake just fine, plus by using a real doll the legs hold it in place too. I am sure you could make a larger layer around the bottom of the doll cake. Good luck! Let me know how it turns out!

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