Bell Peppers are Belle

Bell Peppers are one of the prettiest vegetables!

Unless I have a specific recipe that calls for them, it is usually one thing I don’t typically buy in the fresh produce section on a weekly basis.  Probably because they have been pricey.  But, I love them and they are so versatile!  I even grew some in my veggie patch last summer.  I realized if I stock up my freezer, I use them all of the time in my cooking.  Why not stock up when they are on sale?  Why not bring some of summer’s bounty to my winter cooking?

Freezing bell peppers are super easy!

I like to slice my bell peppers into strips (you can also dice them if you prefer).

Place them flat on a cookie sheet or tray making sure that they won’t clump together.

Freeze them for a few hours and once they are solid you can place them into freezer bags separated by color.

Even when frozen they are easy to cut or dice and throw into numerous types of dishes.  I love to add them to pasta dishes, chili, stir frys, salads…and the list can go on.  Enjoy!


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