A Cinderella Birthday

My little girl turned 3 and now she knows exactly what she wants…a Cinderella Birthday Cake!  This is how I made a special Cinderella birthday party for my little princess.

The plan is to make a doll birthday cake, but I wanted to make another sweet treat that fit the Cinderella theme.  I thought sugar cookies would be perfect, cut out and decorated beautifully.  I had these cute little Wilton “princess” cookie cutters and used the princess crown and “glass slipper”.  With 3 young kids, my surprise baking projects usually occur late at night.  The first night I worked on baking the sugar cookies.  Once they cooled, I stored them in plastic storage containers to keep them fresh.

The following night I made lime flavored icing by mixing 1 C powdered sugar, the juice from half of a fresh lime and 1-2 tsp of milk until the right consistency is reached.  Only one or two drops of blue food coloring were added to this batch of icing.  I carefully outlined the shoes and let them dry overnight, then piped icing into bow shapes on a sheet of wax paper and placed a candy in the center.  Since I had some left over blue icing, I wrote a Happy 3rd Birthday message on a few crown shaped cookies.  I figured that I could make these into cookie pops if I place two cookies around a pop stick held in place with icing.

The next day I made another batch of white icing and filled in the surface of the shoe using the flow technique.

Pink princess crowns!  Some outlined with icing and some filled with white sprinkles.

Two days before the party, I started working on the Cinderella doll cake.  Instead of using a cake doll pick, I used a Disney Princess Cinderella Ballerina doll.  This doll worked perfect for many reasons.  First, she already has a painted corset-like leotard in blue and her hair is in a updo.  I added a thin piece of ribbon to create her blue headband.  Then I removed the tutu and wrapped her from the waist down in plastic wrap, since this part will be in the cake.  I also cut two thin strips of plastic wrap to wind around the arm joints because I planned on piping icing to make puffy sleeves for her dress.  The plastic wrap not only keeps the cake clean, it also makes her much easier to wash off because the best part…my little girl will be able to play with her Cinderella doll after her birthday.

I made the cake using the Wilton Classic Wonder Mold and one 9″ round pan.  The round layer is needed to add extra height to the dress to ensure the doll is covered from the waist down.  I made cake batter from two boxes of yellow cake mix, then filled the 9″ round pan first and then added the rest of the batter to the dress shaped pan.  Per the directions for the Wonder Mold pan, it needs to cool in the pan for 10 minutes before cutting the extra cake off to make a level surface before dumping it to cool on a rack.


Once the cake was removed from the pan and cooling, I made chocolate instant pudding to use as a filling in between the two layers.  This also gives the cake additional height and makes it a bit more yummy.  Using a long sharp knife, I cut a cylinder shaped piece out of the center of the cake just large enough to fit the doll in tightly.  Now she is ready to be decorated!

I placed one of each cookie into these cute little bags for my edible party favors.

I found a use for my cookie pops!  I made a few cupcakes which held the cookie pops and three candles for the birthday girl.

She absolutely enjoyed her Cinderella birthday and she was quite the little princess on her special day!


5 responses

  1. This is so creative. I love the little crowns!

  2. What did you use to color the frosting?

    1. I used Wilton Gel Food Color which comes in a pack of four colors. Go slow when adding the drops of color because not much is needed. Hope this helps!

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