Stuffed Bell Peppers

Tonight, I made a dinner that I haven’t had since my Mom made this when I was a kid.  I just remember her telling me that it is a traditional Polish dish and my grandma used to make it.  Well, since I had a surplus of green bell peppers from the U-Pick farm, I thought I would give it a try.  I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make and how tasty it turned out!


Polish Stuffed Peppers

Stuffed Bell Peppers

4 large green bell peppers (6 medium – small peppers)

1 lb. ground beef

1 cup cooked rice

1 egg

1 onion chopped

1 clove of garlic, minced

1 tsp paprika

1/2 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 – 8 ounce can of tomato sauce

Pre-heat oven to 350° and coat a casserole or deep baking dish with non-stick spray.  Mix the raw ground beef, rice, egg, onion, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper in a large bowl.  Cut the tops of the peppers off and remove the seeds.  Fill each pepper with the meat mixture and place upright in the baking dish.  Top the peppers with tomato sauce and pour some at the bottom of the dish.  Add about 1/4 C water at the bottom of dish.  Cover tightly with foil and place in the oven for about 1 hour until the meat is cooked thoroughly.  (I cut into the largest pepper to ensure the meat was cooked, if not, cover and bake longer.)

Polish Stuffed Pepper

Traditionally, the peppers are served with noodles, dumplings or potatoes.  I served mine over white rice with a scoop of the tomato sauce from the bottom of the baking dish.


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