Reindeer Peanut Butter Cookies

These are the perfect cookies for my kids to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve.  I think Santa AND his reindeer would really enjoy these!

We were inspired by the Bakergirl blog with this recipe mainly because these are adorable and you know what…they are delicious too!  The combination of peanut butter, chocolate and the salty pretzel cures every craving.  I am sure these cookies could be made with sugar cookie dough too, but we followed her peanut butter cookie recipe.  We couldn’t find mini chocolate covered pretzels, so in order to keep the cookies smaller we cut the small chocolate covered pretzel in half.  I used my 1 inch cookie scoop to place a ball of cookie dough onto a cookie sheet.  Then pressing the dough while pinching one end to make the nose before baking.  Once removed from the oven, put the pretzel halves in place, the mini brown M&Ms for eyes and the regular-sized red M&M for Rudolf’s nose.  Let cool before handling because the decoration get very melty.

Reindeer Cookies

How cute are these?  These cookies will definitely get you in the holiday spirit!


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