Owl Handprint Painting – Birthday Party Activity

It is not often when I create a post that is not food related, but I thought this was just too cute to pass up and not share.  For my daughter’s 2nd birthday party, we did an owl painting activity with my kids and niece.  Check out my prior posts for the owl cookies and owl cake that were made to celebrate this birthday and read on to see how we made the owl painting that will be a keepsake to remember for the birthday girl.

Owl Birthday Party Activity

I bought a couple of inexpensive 16″x20″ canvases from our local craft store.  Using Crayola washable finger paints the kids painted their handprint onto the brown branch that I had painted before the party.  Each kid got to pick a color for their owl.  After the party, I enhanced the painting with the eyes, beak, talons and brushed the background light blue.  This painting will be hanging in our playroom and our niece is going to get one as a party favor.  Imagine how much fun this is for a kid’s birthday party?

Kids Owl Handprint Painting

The Birthday Girl’s – 2-year-old


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