Lime Butterfly Cupcakes

A few days before Easter, I stopped at the Wilton Store and was able to sample a couple limited edition Candy Melts.  I was totally blown away by the lime flavored melting wafers, so I purchased a bag even though I wasn’t sure what I would do with them (and I wasn’t sure if I could resist eating them on the way home!).  Since I had extra pound cake batter when I made my Easter Lamb Cake, I made a dozen cupcakes.  Now to figure out how to use the lime flavored Candy Melts.

Melting Wafer Butterfly Cupcakes

The butterflies were so simple to make!  I spread a large sheet of wax paper on my counter and piped the melted wafers into the shape of butterfly wings.  Once the outline of the butterfly wings were piped onto the paper, I used a toothpick to drag some of the chocolate from the inside of the wing to the outside to make the design.  Make a few extra matching wings in case a few break.  Once the chocolate has set completely, then can gently be peeled off of the wax paper and carefully placed in the icing on an angle.


Lime Butterfly Cupcakes

You must try the lime flavored Candy Melts, but hurry since they are a limited edition!


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