Disney Frozen Birthday Party

Hope you enjoy my recap of planning a Disney Frozen Theme Birthday Party – including an ice castle cake, snowflake cookies, party favors, “Pin the nose on Olaf” game and a grand Anna & Elsa pull string pinata!

As the girls arrived, I set up a table for them to pick a party hat and decorate it.  I had provided the hats, markers, gem stickers, foam snowflake stickers, shiny ribbon, hold punches, etc.  This is a good way for the kids to mingle and jump right in to an activity while we wait for everyone to arrive.

Decorating Frozen Birthday Hats

All of the kids sat together to eat lunch.  I had 10 kids total and used our kid’s table and coffee table together which was the perfect height and size.  The tables were covered with a plastic blue tablecloth.

After lunch, all of the kids lined up to play “Pin the nose on Olaf”.  If you have seen the Disney Frozen movie, Olaf is the snowman that Elsa created.  I found a picture online and sketched a kid-sized Olaf on two sheets of posted board.  Truly, you do not need to be an artist to do this!  I outlined him with black marker and painted the stick arms, hair and eye brows brown.  The only feature I didn’t draw was his orange carrot nose.  Using orange construction paper, I cut carrot noses for each child to stick onto the poster.  During the game, we spun each child around with a blind fold on and directed them toward Olaf.  I think the kids really got a kick out of him!  The winner was the child who pinned the nose the closest to where is should appear.

Olaf Game

After having singing to the birthday girl and eating the Disney Frozen Ice Castle Cake.  We did the Elsa & Anna pull string piñata.  I had the girls form a circle around it and gave each girl a try at pulling one of the strings.  It worked pretty good.  One string opened the box and the goodies fell out (with a bit of assistance).  All of the kids scurried to gather a bag full of treats.  Here is how I created the homemade Frozen piñata:

Disney Frozen Pinata

I used two family-sized cereal boxes.  One box was slightly bigger that the other, so I used the larger one of the bottom.  The bottom box was closed and the top open, then the other cereal box open on both the top and bottom was inserted slightly inside and taped together with duct tape.  Leave an opening in the top of the box so it can be filled later.

Once the boxes are secured, I covered it with Papier-mâché.  Papier-mâché is newsprint bound with glue (combination of flour and a small amount of water).  I filled a bowl with about 2 cups of flour and stirred in small amounts of water until the consistency was like Elmer’s white glue.  Cover the floor or table where you will work with plastic.  Strips of newsprint are dipped in the paste to cover both sides, removing the excess glue and then placed around the entire structure.  The papier-mâché needs to dry over night.

Frozen Pull String Pinata

When the structure is completely dry, I used white crepe paper (party streamers) to wrap around the structure.  Cutting slits along one edge of the crepe paper and tacking each piece in place as it is wound around.  The slits will give it a ruffled effect.

Frozen Handmade Pull String Pinata

Online, I found an image of Elsa and Anna (the two sisters from Disney’s Frozen movie).  I enlarged the images and printed them on two sheets of paper (taping the images together).  Elsa was glued to one side of the piñata and Anna was glued to the other side.

Homemade Pull String Pinata - Frozen

Now for the fun part – engineering the pull string piñata.  I made a slit in the flap of the bottom of the box and inserted one string through the slit, taping it to the inside.  The box was taped shut using a heavy duty tape, just enough to hold the heavy goodies, but not too good so that it won’t open when pulled.  I tested it to make sure it would work.  Once the box bottom was secured in place, I taped many strings to the bottom of the box and then camouflaged the strings using more white crepe paper.

Two holes were punctured in the top sides of the box and the treats were filled inside.  The piñata was ready to hang in place!

For the party favors, I found these cute little blue buckets and filled them with a few goodies including: rock candy (looks like ice!), watercolor paints, hair accessories, bubbles and lip balm and glittery nail polish.


Also baked a batch of snowflake sugar cookies.  Each were individually packaged and sent home as a party favor for all.

SweetStackers Snowflake Cookies

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  1. What a fun party! Those cookies look amazing!

    1. Thank you! Glad you stopped by!

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