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Useful & Unique Holiday Gift Containers

These gift ideas are perfect for teachers, bakers or hostess gifts during the holidays!   Gift baskets are a beautiful way to package and display, but are they really that useful?  They usually just get stored or donated after they are received.  Food storage containers are a useful package to gather a bunch of kitchen and baking items.  Fill a “useful” container such as Rubbermaid Take Alongs with unique kitchen or baking goods from cookie cutters, packaged cookie mixes, sprinkles…and don’t forget the Sweet Stackers – Stackable Food Storage System that can insert into the container to make it multi-level.  A great way to store your holiday cookies!  There are currently some sweet deals on our Etsy Shop – https://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetstackers.

Rubbermaid - Sweet Stackers Gift Container

Unique contents in this inexpensive Rubbermaid 1 gallon Take Alongs.

Fits Sweet Stackers 7.75 x 11 inch tray set.

Rubbermaid - Sweet Stackers Gift Container Contents

Sweet Stackers Christmas Cookie Tin Combos are available on Etsy in limited supply.  Sweet Stackers 8 x 8 inch tray sets fit perfect into these square cookie tins to layer your baked goods neatly without a sticky mess and keeping your sweets, looking sweet!

Cookie Tin Gift Container Pkg  Cookie Tin Gift Contents

Cookie Tin with Cookies
Sweet Stackers store your cookies, desserts, candies and more in layers on reusable, stackable trays that insert in many major brand containers. The tray sets are available in four sizes and come with two different sized risers that fit in between your baked items.

Christmas Cookies Tin

Wouldn’t you love to get a thoughtful and unique gift like these for the holidays?


Sweet Stackers – Perfect gift for a baker & more!

Do you ever have a hard time coming up with a hostess gift?  birthday gift?  housewarming gift?  teacher gift?

Well, here is your chance to surprise someone with something totally new!

Sweet Stackers – Stackable Food Storage System can make a perfect addition to a cute gift package.  A gift package like this would be super cute to give someone as a hostess gift.  Create a theme to make it extra special for any occasion or holiday.  The following examples show what can be done using the 7.75″x11″ Rounded Trays by Sweet Stackers and a Rubbermaid Take-a-longs (or equivalent brand) container.  Fill the container with all of the supplies needed to make a yummy baked treat or bake a special homemade treat and deliver it in the container using the Sweet Stackers.

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Here are some gift ideas that you could make very special and put together quickly:


Mini Cupcakes Package

Fill a container with supplies to make mini cupcakes.  Sweet Stackers allows you to put two layers of mini cupcakes in one 3″ container.  Don’t forget sprinkles to decorate the cupcakes!

Sweet Stackers - Summer/Birthday gift package     Sweet Stackers - Summer mini cupcake pack

Brownie Bakers Gift Package

Provide the dry ingredients in a mason jar or box mix of brownies, plus gadgets needed for baking.  Store and transport two layers of brownies/bars using Sweet Stackers stackable trays in one container.

Sweet Stackers - Brownie gift package     Sweet Stackers - Brownie/Baker gift pack

Halloween Gift Pack

Filled with “Devil’s Food” cake mix, fun sprinkles and cupcake picks.

Sweet Stackers - Halloween gift package     Sweet Stackers - Halloween baker pack

Christmas Cookies Gift Package

A package like this would be so cute to give someone as a hostess gift for the holidays or cookie baking party.  Sweet Stackers can stack three layers of cookies in one 3″ container.  Provide the dry ingredients in a mason jar to make a batch of cookies or a box mix, cookie cutters, sprinkles and why not a few packets of hot cocoa mix.

Sweet Stackers - Christmas cookie gift package     Sweet Stackers - Christmas cookie gift pack

Pizza Night Gift Package

One of my favorite uses for Sweet Stackers is for left-over pizza because you can separate and layer the slices to prevent them from sticking together and getting soggy in the refrigerator.  So creating a “pizza night” package would be perfect for someone who doesn’t bake sweets.

Sweet Stackers - Pizza hostess gift package     Sweet Stackers - Pizza Hostess gift pack

Or you could create a “Dinner & Dessert” package using two sets of Sweet Stackers and two containers.

Shop Now to stock up on Sweet Stackers for your kitchen and to make a cute gift packages for upcoming parties and holidays!