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A Fairy Tea Party

This had to be one of my favorite parties!  My daughter turned 6 and she invited a few girls for a quaint fairy tea party.  The weather really worked out because we held it out in our yard under the pergola (though the backup plan was to have it indoors) and the garden was just starting to bloom.  The fairies must have stopped by to open the flowers just in time for this magical afternoon.  Don’t forget to make a place setting for the fairies!

Fairy Tea Setting

The preparations started the night before.  My daughter was just ending her Kindergarten school year and has been very excited about writing.  She left a note for the fairies by one of the many fairy houses in our backyard to “leave a sign that they were here to visit” and invited them to her party tomorrow.  The fairies really did come to visit because when she checked the fairy house first thing in the morning, fairy dust was sprinkled at each fairy house in our yard with a few “gems” or polished glass stones.  She sure anticipated her party after school!

I made the headbands for each girl that attended the party using small silk flowers, ribbon and a butterfly and I found the package of headbands at the dollar store.

Fairy Tea Party Wear

Her guests were welcomed into the yard by a “Welcome to the Enchanted Fairy Garden” sign and a fairy house.

Enchanted Fairy Garden

I made placemats for the girls out of white card stock with their name, butterfly stickers and a fairy quote “Like fairy dust gleams on butterfly wings, little girl dreams are made of magical things”.  At the end of the party I put the placemat and menu in their goodie bag so they could bring them home.

The menu for the fairy tea party was as follows:

Tea Sandwiches

Flower Power Grilled Cheese

Butterfly Egg Salad Sandwich

Ham & Cheese Snail Pinwheels

Raisin Bread with Cream Cheese and Sliced Apple

Sliced Banana and Nutella Spread on Crackers

Fresh Fruit Fairy Wands


Chocolate Dipped Fairy Berries

Rainbow Petits Fours

Magical Dragonfly Cupcakes


Peach Herbal Tea

Pink Lemonade

Fairy Tea Party Menu & Placemat

I served proper English style tea for the girls using a herbal peach tea.  All of the girls were willing to at least try it.  I think it is important to try new things and it was ok if they didn’t care for it, we then served pink lemonade.

I thought this menu catered to most kid’s and I avoided peanut butter in case of food allergies.  The biggest hit was the butterfly shaped grilled cheese sandwiches.  I had the bread cut, buttered and the sandwiches prepared ahead of time.  As I prepared the three tiered server, I put them on a hot griddle, flipped them and they were ready to serve.

The fresh fruit fairy wands were made using wooden skewers.

Fairy Tea Sandwiches

The dragonfly cupcakes really turned out beautiful.  I dipped pretzels in melted blue chocolate wafers and pieced them together on wax paper.  They perfectly stayed together to adorn the top of the cupcake.  The devils food cupcakes were iced with pink cream cheese frosting.

Dragonfly Cupcakes

Desserts are served!  The petit fours were easily made using frozen pound cake cut into squares and dipped in different melting chocolates.  These could be made a couple days in advance and kept in the fridge.

Fairy Tea Dessert Table

We played two games at the fairy tea party.

The first was an egg hunt in our yard and throughout the garden.  The plastic eggs were filled with small items that the girls will use to build fairy houses to take home.  Some items included, glass stones, buttons, pinecones, sea shells, etc.  The winner had found the most eggs.

The second game was played in between courses.  I filled a tray with “tea party” items and covered it with a table cloth.  Once I removed the cover, I explained the items to the girls and they had one minute to look things over.  I then covered the tray and gave them paper to list out as many items as they could remember.  For young writers, they did a great job!

Fairy Tea Party Game

After the girls finished up their dessert, I cleared the table to work on building a take-home fairy house.  I found these little odd shaped boxes that I thought would be perfect to decorate.  Prior to the party, my daughter and I filled a box with some natural items, clippings from the boxwood bushes, dried pressed flowers, sticks, pinecones and small stones.  I purchased a small bag of moss, seashells and glass stones from the dollar store.  Just a few paper plates with glue and the girls were ready to decorate their fairy houses.  The houses are perfect to be kept in a dry place outside like a covered porch.

Build Fairy Houses Party Activity

It appeared that the girls enjoyed their afternoon together and we were thankful for them coming to our fairy tea party.  The goodie bags included a book on Fairy Houses and a fairy book mark – perfectly matching the Fairy Tea Party theme.

Fairy Party Goodie Bag

A Cinderella Birthday

My little girl turned 3 and now she knows exactly what she wants…a Cinderella Birthday Cake!  This is how I made a special Cinderella birthday party for my little princess.

The plan is to make a doll birthday cake, but I wanted to make another sweet treat that fit the Cinderella theme.  I thought sugar cookies would be perfect, cut out and decorated beautifully.  I had these cute little Wilton “princess” cookie cutters and used the princess crown and “glass slipper”.  With 3 young kids, my surprise baking projects usually occur late at night.  The first night I worked on baking the sugar cookies.  Once they cooled, I stored them in plastic storage containers to keep them fresh.

The following night I made lime flavored icing by mixing 1 C powdered sugar, the juice from half of a fresh lime and 1-2 tsp of milk until the right consistency is reached.  Only one or two drops of blue food coloring were added to this batch of icing.  I carefully outlined the shoes and let them dry overnight, then piped icing into bow shapes on a sheet of wax paper and placed a candy in the center.  Since I had some left over blue icing, I wrote a Happy 3rd Birthday message on a few crown shaped cookies.  I figured that I could make these into cookie pops if I place two cookies around a pop stick held in place with icing.

The next day I made another batch of white icing and filled in the surface of the shoe using the flow technique.

Pink princess crowns!  Some outlined with icing and some filled with white sprinkles.

Two days before the party, I started working on the Cinderella doll cake.  Instead of using a cake doll pick, I used a Disney Princess Cinderella Ballerina doll.  This doll worked perfect for many reasons.  First, she already has a painted corset-like leotard in blue and her hair is in a updo.  I added a thin piece of ribbon to create her blue headband.  Then I removed the tutu and wrapped her from the waist down in plastic wrap, since this part will be in the cake.  I also cut two thin strips of plastic wrap to wind around the arm joints because I planned on piping icing to make puffy sleeves for her dress.  The plastic wrap not only keeps the cake clean, it also makes her much easier to wash off because the best part…my little girl will be able to play with her Cinderella doll after her birthday.

I made the cake using the Wilton Classic Wonder Mold and one 9″ round pan.  The round layer is needed to add extra height to the dress to ensure the doll is covered from the waist down.  I made cake batter from two boxes of yellow cake mix, then filled the 9″ round pan first and then added the rest of the batter to the dress shaped pan.  Per the directions for the Wonder Mold pan, it needs to cool in the pan for 10 minutes before cutting the extra cake off to make a level surface before dumping it to cool on a rack.


Once the cake was removed from the pan and cooling, I made chocolate instant pudding to use as a filling in between the two layers.  This also gives the cake additional height and makes it a bit more yummy.  Using a long sharp knife, I cut a cylinder shaped piece out of the center of the cake just large enough to fit the doll in tightly.  Now she is ready to be decorated!

I placed one of each cookie into these cute little bags for my edible party favors.

I found a use for my cookie pops!  I made a few cupcakes which held the cookie pops and three candles for the birthday girl.

She absolutely enjoyed her Cinderella birthday and she was quite the little princess on her special day!

Baby Shower Sweet Treats

What fun to plan for the arrival of a very special little one!

I have spent the past month working on some handmade and homemade treats for my Sister-in-law’s Baby Shower.  I am super excited to be an Aunty!  I was asked to assist in making some sweet treats for the party.

The color theme was chocolate brown, robin egg blue and yellow.   A perfect combination for neutral/non-gender specific decor.  The parents-to-be are decorating the baby’s room with a “night sky” theme.  The theme for the nursery was inspiration for the shower.

For the table decorations fresh flowers are always a nice touch at any party.  I recycled 15 ounce cans and removed the labels.  I bought some material in five different patterns at the local craft store which matched the color theme.  Using Modpodge glue, I used the decoupage technique to adhere the material to the cans.  It is so easy!  Just spread a good coat of glue over the materials and carefully apply the material to the can.  I had cut the material about 1/2 inch longer to overlap the top of the can with the sharp edge.  After letting the cans dry, I embellished with coordinating ribbons and dicut card stock moons and stars.  Each can was uniquely decorated.  Yellow Alstroemeria flowers were selected because they are affordable, found in your local grocery store, hold up nicely and last along time.  Since the flowers and leaves are pretty full, only 4 stems per can were needed.

My next endeavor, was working on the edible party favors.  I worked on the edibles the weekend before the party.  The idea was to bag chocolate covered Oreo cookies in clear cookie bags with handmade “Thanks for Coming” labels.  Since we needed about 50 party favors containing 3 different colored chocolate cookies, I thought it would be a little overwhelming to make 150 cookies.  But this actually turned out to be quite easy!  I started with melting one color chocolate in a double boiler (a bowl sitting tightly over a pot of boiling water).  I used two 14 ounce bags of Wilton Candy Melts for about 40 Oreo cookies, so I needed 3 bags to make sure that I had enough.  There were candy melts left over for next time.  On the blue cookies, I spread chocolate sprinkles over the top before the the chocolate hardened.   Once I was done with each color, I placed them in the fridge to set for about an hour.


Then it was time to bag them up!  I stored the bags in large plastic storage containers to keep them extra fresh.


There were quite an array of treats on the sweet table including cake pops and these cookie pops that I made.  I followed a basic sugar cookie recipe and used the Wilton Star Treat Pan, which molded the star shape and held the pop sticks perfectly in place.  Once the cookies cooled, I iced each with white, yellow or blue icing.  With one batch of icing, I split half the icing in a different bowl and added one or two drops of food coloring and then stirred it in.  Since I had some left over chocolate Candy Melts from the dipped cookies, I melted a small batch and used that to ice some cookies brown.  Colored sugars and sprinkles uniquely gave each cookie some flair.  Once the cookies were dry, I bagged them and tied bows around the silver twist ties using color coordinating ribbon.


The baby shower was a beautiful and fun event.

These decorations and sweet treats helped to make it even more special for the guests and Parents-to-be.