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Origami Ornaments – Repurpose Christmas Cards

When I was a little girl, my Mom had a couple of these ornaments made out of Christmas cards that her grandfather made.  They were pretty old and the paper was more delicate and even yellowing.  She would hang them from the top of the doorways leading to each room of the house at Christmastime.  I remember standing under each one analyzing the pictures.

About 10 years ago, I decided to figure out the secret to making them and they are actually very easy.  I make it a tradition to make one every year from the Christmas cards that I receive.  The picture are just beautiful and why not have a special way to repurpose them instead of throwing them out.  I have signed and dated each one.  On three, I even wrote if there was a special occasion like my baby’s 1st Christmas.

Origami Ornaments from Christmas Cards

They don my banister and hang from my evergreen roping.  Each one is truly special and every year I enjoy pulling them out to hang.

Instructions: I trace a circle around the main scene on each of my Christmas cards.  If I can fit another circle around another image or pattern.  The size of the circles drastically changes the size of the ornaments.  Now, I use the bottom of a champagne flute to trace my circles.  It is perfect because they are clear and you can see the image that you want to capture.  You will need 20 circles to form one ornament.

Origami Christmas Card Ornaments circles

Fold each circle to form a perfect triangle.  Glue the flaps of the triangle together.  Five circles form the domed top of the ornament – each having the point of the triangle at the top of the image.

Folding Origami Christmas Card Ornaments

There will be 10 circles to form the middle portion of the ornament.  This time 5 images with have the point of the triangle at the bottom, to keep the images straight.  Glue the circle to the top dome (triangle pointing towards the bottom), then glue a circle next to it (with the triangle point at the top).  Keep alternating all the way around

Folding Origami Ornaments from Christmas Cards

For the bottom, glue 5 circles all with the triangle pointing to the bottom.  This will close the ball of the ornament.

Adhere a ribbon to the top to hang.  Don’t forget to date them so you can treasure each one for years to come!